Wi-Fu 101

When: Wednesday 2/1/2012 7pm

Where: 290 Pratt ST Meriden, CT
(Second Floor – enter via the east entrance/loading docks and follows signs)

What: Wi-Fu workshop (see below)

As part of our on-going Whitehat Wednesdays we will be teaching a beginner’s class about wireless penetration testing.
Part 1: We’ll be exploring multiple ways and techniques to both penetrate, spoof, and own wireless networks from both the AP side and the client side. Using open source tools like spoonwep, Reaver, aircrack, and more…
Part 2: We’ll talk about techniques to detect and mitigate the attacks from the first part.

What to bring:
Bring yourself, a laptop or desktop computer, a wireless card, A backtrack5 DVD, and pizza/soda money.

We will provide: WIFI, Electricity, and seating, and a complete test environment for the workshop.

Cost: Nada – Donations always welcome :)

So we can get a feel of who’s coming, sign up on our facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/241487299258798

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