Caller ID Lookup

illwill created a small program in MASM that does a reverse Caller ID lookup. Just type or paste the number in the box and press ‘lookup’, if it finds any data it’ll display it on the screen above. Works with some cell phone numbers too. Download it ::HERE::

February Meeting & Drunken Pirate Fest

Join us this Friday night @ 6pm for the monthly meeting and drunken pirate fest.

Sign up on our facebook event page

The Yes Men to Keynote at HOPE Number Nine!

We’re happy to announce that one of our keynote addresses at HOPE Number Nine
this summer will be given by The Yes Men, in what will surely be a lively,
enlightening, and inspirational presentation.

The Yes Men have probably caused more global trouble and confusion in the
upper echelons than anyone and they’ve pulled it off with true hacker spirit.
Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum created a fake World Trade Organization
website back in 1999 which managed to fool a large number of people, many
within the WTO itself. They found themselves invited to conferences to speak
as WTO representatives which they eagerly did, causing all kinds of mayhem
as documented in their film “The Yes Men.” (Their most recent film, “The Yes
Men Fix the World,” was released in 2009.)

The duo have also targeted George W. Bush, Dow Chemical, oil companies,
media outlets, and all sorts of corporations and governments that never saw
them coming. Each time they’ve defeated the system and won a victory in a
battle nobody else thought to fight, at least, not in this manner. Mike and
Andy’s slick social engineering skills have fooled all sorts of media
outlets, including the BBC, into spreading their fake stories throughout
the world. They’ve also been known to print tens of thousands of fake
newspapers to hand out to commuters in busy train stations, causing no end
of turmoil.

But these pranks aren’t done just for the fun of it. The Yes Men always
have a message behind what they say and do, one that is often not given a
voice in the mainstream. Just as popular websites have been hacked by people
who want to get a message out, the mainstream culture itself has been hacked
by The Yes Men, in order to reach millions of people with an alternative to
what they’re being told.

We hope you share our enthusiasm at having The Yes Men deliver one of our
keynote addresses at this year’s Hackers On Planet Earth conference, known
as HOPE Number Nine. It should be quite energetic and fun, and it will no
doubt leave the thousands in attendance with all sorts of ideas on how to
change the world.

HOPE Number Nine will be taking place July 13, 14, and 15, 2012 at the Hotel
Pennsylvania in New York City and will feature over 100 talks ranging from
highly technical to socially provocative, but all connected in some way to
the wonderful world of hacking. In addition, we’ll have a huge floorspace
for all kinds of hacker projects and displays.

Wi-Fu 101

When: Wednesday 2/1/2012 7pm

Where: 290 Pratt ST Meriden, CT
(Second Floor – enter via the east entrance/loading docks and follows signs)

What: Wi-Fu workshop (see below)

As part of our on-going Whitehat Wednesdays we will be teaching a beginner’s class about wireless penetration testing.
Part 1: We’ll be exploring multiple ways and techniques to both penetrate, spoof, and own wireless networks from both the AP side and the client side. Using open source tools like spoonwep, Reaver, aircrack, and more…
Part 2: We’ll talk about techniques to detect and mitigate the attacks from the first part.

What to bring:
Bring yourself, a laptop or desktop computer, a wireless card, A backtrack5 DVD, and pizza/soda money.

We will provide: WIFI, Electricity, and seating, and a complete test environment for the workshop.

Cost: Nada – Donations always welcome :)

So we can get a feel of who’s coming, sign up on our facebook event page:

HOPE 9 – Pre-registration starts tomorrow

HOPE Number Nine preregistration opens tomorrow at noon ET!

December Meetup

When: Friday December 2nd @6pm

Where: Panera Bread
3120 Berlin Tpke
Newington, CT 06111

What(to bring): Laptops, PDAs, gadgetry, curiosity, and of course your friends.

Afterwards we’re hitting up the bar.

It’s open to anyone who wants to come.

Meeting Tonight

Panera Bread on the Berlin Turnpike @6pm. Afterwards we will be hitting up the new Mexican restaurant Plaza Azteca for food and drinks. All are welcome.
Check out the meetup posting on facebook

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Build a cantenna

NESIT Hackerspace in Meriden is holding a “build a cantenna” day next Saturday, October 22 · 2:00pm – 8:00pm.

The workshop is on how to build your own 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi antenna using a household product such as soup can, coffee can, pringles can, or veggie can. It is a simple wave-guide antenna. At the end of the workshop you will have your own working 15+ DBi wave guide antenna that you can use to connect to distant wireless networks. The signup to get the parts has already passed but if you order quick from FabCorp, your materials might be in time for the class.

The public is also welcome to come and watch the class.


illwill created a small program in MASM that simulates the old phone blue box (MF tones) & DTMF tones. It essentially plays the tones from .mp3 files that have been modified to act like .wav files so the file size is small. They are then embedded in the application as a resource. You just press the button to hear the tone. Download it ::HERE::

New meetup posted on facebook

Added an open invite for the next meeting on November 4th @ 6pm
::Click here to signup::.