x64 Sysret privledge escalation POC

New proof of concept code posted online that elevates to System privs on Windows 64bit machines. Source: illmob.org

August Meetup

Tonight @ 6pm Panera Bread Berlin Turnpike.

July Meeting

Friday July 6th @6pm – We will be discussing trip plans for HOPE9 and then some drunken karaoke @ Center Station Pub
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Tool by Luigi Auriemma for decoding the DTMF and MF tones from PCM wave files. Supports any type of wave file (frequencies, channels and 8, 16, 24 and 32 bits), automatic optimizations (DC bias adjust and normalization) and both WAV and raw PCM data. The program has been successfully tested with many audio files and moreover with those highly dirt and damaged, for example recorded with a microphone in a room or at a very low volumes or with some noise. Download it :::HERE:::

May Meetup

Tonight @ 6pm @Panera on the Berlin Turnpike

CT2600 April Meetup

Join us this Friday night @ 6pm for the monthly meeting and drunken karaoke fest.

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HOPE 9 Speakers

They’ll be announcing the first round of speakers shortly. Have you submitted your talk yet?

RDP Vulnerable to attacks

Microsoft released an advisory MS12-020 which targets Remote Desktop running on windows machines. So far no attack code has been seen, only DOS attacks which bluescreen/reset the machines. illwill has posted an app that demonstrates this on his site
RDP Nuke

March Madness

It’s once again the first Friday of the month which means it’s time for 2600 meetings to occur all throughout the world. So here’s our take on it.
Join us Friday 3/2 @ Panera Bread on the Berlin Turnpike @ 6pm. Sign up on our Facebook Event Page

Caller ID Lookup

illwill created a small program in MASM that does a reverse Caller ID lookup. Just type or paste the number in the box and press ‘lookup’, if it finds any data it’ll display it on the screen above. Works with some cell phone numbers too. Download it ::HERE::