Build a cantenna

NESIT Hackerspace in Meriden is holding a “build a cantenna” day next Saturday, October 22 · 2:00pm – 8:00pm. The workshop is on how to build your own 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi antenna using a household product such as… Read More


illwill created a small program in MASM that simulates the old phone blue box (MF tones) & DTMF tones. It essentially plays the tones from .mp3 files that have been modified to act like .wav files so the… Read More

New meetup posted on facebook

Added an open invite for the next meeting on November 4th @ 6pm ::Click here to signup::.

HOPE Number 9

Hackers on Planet Earth Number Nine will take place in New York City from July 13-15, 2012. More info @

Hello world!

We are back again. Check us out on Twitter or IRC #CT2600 or use browser-based IRC. Meetings are the first Friday of every month @ Panera Bread on the Berlin Turnpike @6pm. View Larger Map